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Both red and grey foxes are found throughout Pennsylvania. They are intelligent predators with extremely sharp senses of sight, smell, and hearing.

Seitz Wildlife Removal The red fox has long redish-orange fur, black ears, legs, and feet, and a long bushy white tipped tail.
Seitz Fox Catcher The grey fox has a black and grey coat with a buff colored underfur and a long, bushy black tipped tail.

Seitz Fox Control

Both reds and greys are mainly nocturnal, but it is fairly common to see foxes at dawn and dusk. Foxes may be afflicted with many parasites including ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and worms.

Seitz Fox Removal

Foxes cause a concern to humans when demonstrating abnormal behavior such as daytime activity, aggression, or seem to have lost their fear of humans. Trapping and removal is the most effective solution.


Foxes can carry many diseases which are transferable to humans and pets such as Rabies, Distemper, and the mange. Caution should be taken if any fox is seen acting abnormal, docile, or sickly in apperance.